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The Fresh Fruit and Veggie Co-Op is a group of people who pool their buying power to access fresh fruits and vegetables with the convenience and savings of bulk buying.  We offer seasonal fruit and veggie baskets.  The large baskets will contain 10 to 13 different items.  Each basket will have 4 different types of fruits and a mixture of veggies.  We also offer fruit baskets.  We are a pre order business and order need to be placed by Tuesday 7:00 pm

Large Fruit and Veggie Basket               $15.00 
(Typical for a family of 3 or more)
Medium Fruit and Veggie Basket           $10.00
(Typical for 2 to 3 people)
Fruit Basket                                              $10.00
(The smoothie lover)
Mini Fruit and Veggie Basket                    $5.00
​(Typical for 1 to 2 people)

The co-op requires a $10.00 annual administration fee to join 
for new customers and will be charged on your second visit.  

Our family has been living in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years.  
We have created the co-op to provide affordable, healthy, fresh 
fruits and veggies.  "Lettuce" put our experience to work for you!!

All FFV Co-Op extra produce is donated to local food banks. 
All baskets not picked up wll also be donated. 
Fresh, High Quality, Seasonal Produce
Fresh, high quality, seasonal fruit & vegetable baskets. 

Savings of 50% off retail prices.

Delivery is available within 8 miles for an additional $5.00 fee.
2250 SR 580, Suite 2, Clearwater, FL  33763
2250 SR 580, Suite 2, Clearwater, FL  33763
 Located at:  2250 SR 580, Suite 2, Clearwater, FL 33763  
Between Belcher Rd. and U.S. 19 on SR 580 (Main Street) 

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